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Company profile

Group 1 is comprised of:

•   Group 1 Holdings (Pty) Ltd
•   Group 1 (Africa) (Pty) Ltd
•   Group 1 (North) (Pty) Ltd
•   Group 1 (South) (Pty) Ltd
•   Group 1 Consulting (Pty) Ltd
•   Black Currant Architects (Pty) Ltd
•   Group 1 Building (Pty) Ltd

Group 1 and its associated companies have built an extensive network throughout Southern Africa and Africa where projects are identified, feasibility studies conducted and the entire project is successfully project managed by on the responsible company within the group .


To consistently provide the most comprehensive and complete turnkey solution available, encompassing the identification, evaluation, feasibility, financing, management and construction of new developments in Southern Africa.


The projects we handle are purposefully destined to benefit not just our clients, investment partners and partner organisations, but also local businesses, communities and residents. Our developments must be able to provide employment, housing and community upliftment; while also having a positive effect on the environment and economy of the area.


These foundational values underpin our business approach:

•   Integrity
•   Honesty
•   Innovation
•   Creativity
•   Accuracy
•   Commitment
•   Enthusiasm
•   Responsiveness

The results that stem from applying these values:

•   Consistent customer service
•   Credibility
•   Excellence
•   Empowerment
•   Community benefits
•   Competitive edge
•   Market leading reputation


Through collaboration between its companies Group 1 handles:

•   Project / Land Identification
•   Project Evaluation and Feasibility
•   Project Procurement
•   Principal Developer
•   Re-zoning Facilitation
•   Project Management
•   Construction
•   Infra-structure
•   Specialised construction Projects

Group 1 controls current projects with a sales value of over ZAR 2.6 Billion, in various locations throughout Southern Africa. The predominant focus of these projects is within the affordable residential housing market, of which there is currently a substantial shortfall in Southern Africa. Several projects also include large components of retail, commercial and light industrial developments. Additional projects managed by the group have included coastal leisure developments and projects within the tourism industry, as well as very selective office and light industrial developments.

In-house Project Management

While Group 1 is predominantly a project principal (developer) and facilitator, the Group also takes on the role of Project Management, appointing a professional team and facilitating all necessary ROD’s (Rights of Development) and local authority approval for each project, to ensure that it is managed professionally. Professional reporting is submitted to Clients , Investors / Partners, and each project is diligently handled in order to obtain the required end results for all parties and for the local community.

Risk is effectively minimised, by effective management of all project processes, as well as through sound equity contributions. This is usually in the form of land or cash being brought to the project, whereby a first bond / mortgage can be offered to investors / equity partners, in order to secure their positions.

Astute market investigation, accurate selection of the target market and, in some instances, strategic planning for quicker turnaround times, further contribute to reducing risk on the projects of Group 1.

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